Friday, January 16, 2009

Late Christmas Update!

I can't believe it is already January. This last month has just flown by so fast. We had a great Christmas with both of our families. We just split our time between the families and make sure get all of the fun in. Aydan was the sheep in the Christmas story at my grandma's house. He was perfect. CRAZY! He thought sheep were supposed to jump and bark... he must have thought he was a dog. It was his first year to participate and he was adorable. Asher was happy to just have wrapping paper to play with.

Christmas Day was great. We started with presents at my moms and then Aaron and I got to fool Traci and surprise her with Collin there to propose. I picked him up from the airport and she was completely clueless, even when he walked in, she didn't notice for a few minutes. We got some great pictures of her looking like a nerd, trying to figure out why were taking so many pictures of her. What an awesome Christmas present to her. She will be getting married March 14th. After the excitement with my parents, we ventured to Aaron's moms. She made a great Brunch and then we opened presents with his family. Aydan had so much fun opening presents at each house we went to. This Christmas we stayed with Aaron's family and jsut got to hang out for the day, it was so nice to relax. We watched Wall-e, which Aydan loved and we ended up buying the next week. Asher thoroughly enjoyed his first Christmas. We loved the Holidays but are grateful they are over. We get to have Aaron back. His work schedule was so crazy and now we get to see him. YAY!

We had a great New Year's Eve with our friends. We had a really fun idea of doing a progressive dinner, restaurant style. So, each couple got assigned a course and then they had to pick a restaurant. It was so fun, we went to 3 different restaurants and had so much fun trying new places. I love hanging out with friends. It was a great time.

Aydan was so happy to go back to school after the long Christmas vacation, he also started up swimming lessons again. It has been so much fun to watch him learn new things and make new friends.

I don't have time to sort through pictures today but I will post lots of pictures tomorrow.