Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July..a week later.

To start out the 4th of July we had a ward breakfast - planned by me, and then a bike parade. It was so much fun for the kids to decorate bikes and ride around the church. Asher hopped on Ruby's bike and just had a great time. After that we headed to the lake, the weather wasn't great, but it's a holiday so you just make the best of it. We had so much fun and everyone just got to play all day.

Ruby and Asher at the bike parade!

Aaron just hanging out at the lake!

My Dad doing the Rope Swing!

Dustin doing the Rope Swing!

My mom with Tiffany and her kids on the Peddle Boat!

Mya doing the rope swing, she didn't go from the top, but still very brave!
Tiffany wakeboarding!

After spending the day at the lake we headed to the storage to watch fireworks and set off some of our own.

Me and the boys just before the fireworks!

Aaron trying to get Asher to not be scared.
After spending the day with my family, we spent the rest of the weekend with Aaron's family. We went to a Lori's pool and had a great time. Aydan was so brave. He did the diving board and the slide. He even got stung by a wasp twice. We got him all taken care of and then back to the water and the diving board. He is getting so big. It was such a fun weekend.