Friday, October 31, 2008

1 Year Ago

Last year at this time I lost someone very dear to me.  My Grandma Lorraine was 80 years old and she was wonderful.  She lived in Idaho and I regret not seeing her more before she died.  I have been thinking about her lately and how much I wish she could see Asher.  She came to visit us for her 80th Birthday in March of last year and we had a great time celebrating with her.  At the time I was about 8 months pregnant with Lilia.  She was really excited to have another great granddaughter.  About a week after she came to visit we lost our sweet baby Lilia.  I remember grandma being so concerned for me and she called at least once a week that next month.  I became so close to her.  We just would talk and she was such a great support. Last year when I attended her funeral I was comforted to know she was now able to take care of Lilia.  

I wish you could have met my grandma.  She taught me some of the greatest things.  My favorite game growing up was a game called bug.  All you needed to play was dice, a pen and paper.  She knew how to make something out of anything.  When she would visit, she would always bring us crafts and we loved it.  She even helped me learn to make some of my favorite foods.  She made the best enchiladas and these amazing dipped marshmallows.  YUM!  I miss her a lot.  I wish my kids knew her the way I did.  I am so happy I got this great picture of Aydan and her when she was here last.  He knows her and loves her. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tears, Teething and Throwing Up

This week has been all about the 3 Ts of my life.

Asher has gone from the Happy, sleep through night baby to the crying, unhappy, won't sleep, TEETHING kind. He is having a rough week with his teeth as you can see in the picture above.

The boys were so cranky this week that I really needed a break. So, last night I decided to take Aydan to parent's night out at the preschool. Basically they babysit and you get go out on a date. Now because my husband works crazy hours I had to go on the date part by myself. When Aaron finally got off of work we met up and after just 15 short minutes I get a call from the preschool saying, "Aydan said he had a frog in his throat... he THREW UP, but don't worry you don't have to come get him." Yeah right!! Leave my kid to get others sick, I think not. Date Over!

TEETHING and THROWING UP have caused not only both of my boys to cry, but me too. If you didn't know, I am a crier. I cry when I am happy, mad, sad, any mood. Sometimes I just cry for no reason at all. Needless to say we have been crying all week. I can't wait to start a new week. Hopefully the TEETHING will get better, there will be no THROWING UP and I will shed less TEARS.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A New Blogger

I have been talked into doing a blog. My husband began blogging and has failed at updating our friends and family. I don't really like the idea of blogging, but I am going to try. I will say, I do love to read a good blog and you may call me a blog stalker.
I guess I will just start with a little update about what we are up to. Aydan is now 3 and began preschool in September. He loves it. He claims to have three girlfriends, Megan, Faith and Sophia. I kid you not, he is a major flirt. He says he is not friends with boys, just his cousins. He loves school, and his teacher says he is doing very well.
Asher is almost 6 months and time has just flown by. He is getting so big and has such a cute personality. He already has 2 teeth and just loves his older brother. I have never heard him laugh as hard as he does when he laughs at Aydan. It is so fun to see them interact and become friends.
Aaron is working for UPS. By work I mean, he puts in about 12-14 hour days at least 3 days a week and normal shifts the other 2 days. He FINALLY got promoted and is a full time driver-supervisor. We just had our 5 year Anniversary last week and I can't imagine my life without him.
I am staying busy working full time and being a full time mom or mama as Aydan calls me. Now you know why I am going crazy. This fall has made me love living in Colorado even more than I already do. See, I am a boring blogger, hopefully I will get better.