Monday, June 27, 2011

STOMACH FLU, need I say more...

My house has literally been plagued with the flu. I have never seen such a strong bug sick around for so long. The first person, AARON!! I do think having a sick husband is way worse than sick kids. Not only do you still have to take care of your 4 kids, but you now have a sick husband that needs love and attention, too much work. His sickness started on June 5, while we were in Utah. The rest of the week he seemed just fine with no illness...then Friday happened. I was planning to take my 6 kids (my 4 and Amy's 2) to the zoo when Aaron got sick again, same thing. Sunday then Friday, REALLY? Sick husband again? So I took the 6 kids to the zoo, ALONE!

I think it has passed, we skip Saturday and then Sunday, June 12 Aydan wakes up not feeling well. He feels better by Monday, but then by Wednesday Aydan gets it bad. Throwing up all night and writhing in pain for 3 days!! I think he is sick from eating SAND, because Peyton is sick as well. I'm actually praying it's sand so that none of the other kids get sick. So, now it is Saturday, June 18, we are at the Rockies game for dinner group and I get several texts from my babysitter saying, Ella has thrown up like 6 times. RIDICULOUS!! We leave the game early, get the babysitter sent home and not 5 minutes later, Asher is throwing up. Get Asher cleaned up, Ella calmed down, go to bed, hear coughing on the baby monitor, CRUZ is now up throwing up. SERIOUSLY?!? Must they share everything.

The laundry is not stop at my house. The babies have continued to have Diarrhea all week and I have had to change their sheets 1-2 times a day this week. I think it is fading. Aaron and I attempt date night #2. At the movies, receive a text, Ella is throwing up all over her bed. NO WAY!! We leave to come home immediately, one babysitter has been thrown up on in that time. Ella continues to vomit until she throws up a little bit of blood. This results in a long late night at Children's. She doesn't throw up all day Saturday but on Sunday, June 26 she throws up again. And this morning I get a call the Mya, my niece is also sick.

Needless to say the sickness is never going away. We are now on week 3!!! I have no been at my ward for all meetings for the entire month of June. I finally made is to just sacrament meeting where everyone was asking where we have been. Why do we have the stomach flu in the middle of summer? NO FUN!