Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mountain weekend

A few weeks ago we went to Breckenridge for the weekend. We went with some our friends the Kovach family, Cory and Tiffany and their kids, and Blake & Sara and family. It was so much fun. We always have such a great time there, and Aydan always cries when we leave. He screams, "I want to live in the Mountain house, I don't want to go home!" We of course would all of love to live in the mountain house. We had lots of fun playing in the snow and hanging out together. The kids were great. We had 11 kids and no fighting or arguing. It was a miracle. Definitely a good group to travel with. Here are a few pictures of the kids sledding.Ruby Kovach pulling Aydan up the hill. Aydan has no problems with a girl doing all of the work.Ruby and Cory - They are adorable. She is pointing to all of the boys who stalled on the sled.Aydan zooming down the hill, he almost ran right into me.Aydan was racing Tiffany and Ruby down the hill.Now he is having Tiffany pull him up the hill. He is lazy, always hitcing a ride.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the House Hunt

Many of you already know we are looking to buy a house. We have been looking for about six months and this week we think we found the right house. This was a really hard task. I am pretty picky about where I want to live. Specific boundaries/wards. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the people in my ward, but we are ready to find a more active ward. The house also has to meet many specifications. Had to have a big kitchen with a pantry. A room to teach piano lessons in. A basement with potential for room to grow. A backyard big enough for my kids and dog. A master bedroom with a 5-piece master bath. Be in school district 12. Have a fire place. And it had to be in my target area. So we have finally found this home. We made and offer last week and they have accepted and now we are waiting for the bank to approve the short sale. I don't know why they call it a short sale, because really it takes forever, meaning it should be called a long sale. It is a great house. It has almost everything we were looking for minus a fireplace and out of the school district. Things we can fix. It has 3 bedrooms and a loft, and my favorite - upstairs laundry room. A huge basement and views of Denver and the Mountains. We are so excited. We are just waiting now to see if it all works out and if it does, we will be moving in late April. YAY!!! We will keep you updated!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Granny and Asher Christmas Morning
Waking Aydan Christmas Morning!
Traci Getting Engaged
Aydan And Asher opening stockings!

Traci said "Yep!"
My mom and Asher
Mac Kissing Asher
Aydan and Great Grandpa Jim
Granny and Papa relaxing with the boys!

Our semi-decent Family picture!
Christmas Sunday by the tree
The boys before church
My adorable parents!
My Dad with Asher, I think Asher looks most like my dad!
Asher's first bath with Aydan!
Aydan performing at preschool
Never too early for Aydan's first Harley! Thanks grandpa Larry!
My mom and Aydan Christmas Sunday!

Aunt Laura and Asher in a Santa Hat!
Asher's auntie Amy! - He adores her
Asher's First Christmas Presents!

Sorry for all of the late pictures, but I had to post them. Soon I will get to what is going on with us now!