Friday, March 18, 2011

Girls weekend, Amazing Aaron, & Park Pictures

Last weekend I left my 4 kids for the first time!! I went on a 3 day girls trip to the mountains. I felt a little guilty leaving Aaron with all of the kids, but he is amazing!! So, I took 4 friends and SIL Tiffany for a fun weekend of crafting in Breckinridge. It started on Friday with lunch and shopping at the outlets. We then started scrapbooking/quilting at 4pm Friday and didn't leave until we were headed home on Sunday at noon. It was such a fun time and I did an entire baby book for Ella. I am so grateful for my friends and the time we had to just do something fun and get a break from the everyday norm.

While I was gone Aaron was here with all of the kids and he has to be the best dad ever. I called him at 7:20am on Saturday...all the kids were dressed, the car was cleaned out, and he was taking them to breakfast. He even got Ella all dressed in an adorable outfit and texted me a picture!! AMBITIOUS for a Saturday. He took Aydan to baseball practice, took the kids out for meals and even got them all up early Sunday (daylight savings) and took the boys to church. He is a really great dad and husband, what a blessing he is to me. I love him so much! Speaking of Aaron...

Aaron has been having a lot of drama at work with his manager and district manager. His manager was never trained and was never a very good manager and Aaron knew it. The District Manager then put the manager on probation. Aaron was off Monday when he got a call from him manager saying, "I quit UPS!" Aaron was shocked! Aaron went back to work Tuesday to his District Manager putting him in charge while they are trying to replace his manager. Aaron has been in charge since Tuesday and already his Center at work has done better than it had ever done last year and today it did the best it has ever done!! Aaron is an amazing leader and really taken his temporary responsibilities seriously!! I'm so impressed!

That's what we have been up to. It's really been pretty calm at home and the kids are doing so great. We took our first spring day out to the park this week. The kids had a great time. The babies were so cute and loved going down the slides. Ella has a few texture issues so she did not want to sit in the grass of the wood chips. It is pretty funny! I love my little family!
Ella Loved the tube slide!!
Asher is tackling Aydan and I from behind!
My kids make the silliest faces!
These two are both very particular about their hands!
They both figured out that you scoot forward to go!
Cruz was a little more tentative about the dark tube slide!

Ella wouldn't move for fear she would fall in the wood chips!
New sunglasses!
Getting ready!
He caught me through a hole in the tunnel!

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Jenn said...

My SIL was at Breckenridge last weekend!! How fun!