Friday, January 14, 2011

One big Family VACATION!

RECKENRIDGE!!! We had the amazing opportunity to go to the mountains with my entire family for the weekend, that's now 23 people now!! We had a really great time. I don't even remember the last time we were on a family vacation?!? We drove up early on Friday afternoon so the kids could play in the snow and the second we got there they were ready to hit the hill (the driveway). My dad was so nice to stand at the top of the hill and push all of the boys down. Asher's first time sledding and he was in heaven. He would get to the top, get pushed down and then once he got to the bottom he would get up and grab his sled and run back up the hill, I was exhausted just watching him. I love that we have this beautiful house to go stay at with our family, it is such a blessing. The second day we got out Jen's snowmobile. It was so much fun for the kids. My dad flipped it on his first ride, but got the hang of it shortly after. Aaron and Steffan took turns giving the kids each a ride, it was so fun to watch. Then Aaron rigged a sled to the back and got the kids going pretty fast around a track. SO MUCH FUN!!! The babies were great the whole weekend. It is so nice to travel with kids and not have to worry about them not doing well. I've got to say, they are pretty great!!! Thanks to my whole family for the fun times. We are just grateful we made it home...our tires weren't cooperating in getting out of the driveway, going up I-70 to Eisenhower, or getting into was a rough 4 hour drive!! Needless to say we got new tires on Monday!
Peyton, Asher and Aydan on the sled behind the snowmobile
Asher laying down and Aydan sliding off the back because Asher is kicking him!!
Asher driving with Daddy!
Steffan and Peyton out for a ride!
Aaron and Ruby driving!
Aydan and Dad, but Aydan did not want to go!
My Dad tipping the snowmobile, first run!
He is sledding right into a group of people, hence the smile!
First encounter with Aydan!
Isn't he cute!!
Daddy and Asher made it all the way to the garage!
Aunt Traci came for a visit, Ella liked her a lot!
I love his faces!
Max came up early and played with us all afternoon!

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Suzanne said...

What a great escape! I love that your dad and Aydan have the same smiles.